Dakota Fanning Tinkers With a Bomb, Probably, In First ‘Night Moves’ Stills

By  · Published on August 16th, 2013

Our real-life world is fraught with with espionage, whistleblowers and radical political movements, so it’s only fitting that the film world is following suit. Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves explores a little bit of all three in the form of extreme environmentalism.

Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard play three radical environmentalists attempting to pull off the most dangerous, ballsy protest of their lives: blowing up a hydroelectric dam that represents the industrial culture they hate so much. The film focuses as much on the build-up to the plan as it does the execution, as seen in these newly released stills, courtesy of The Playlist.

Check out the other two stills below.

The first photo depicts a confident-looking Fanning experimenting with what I’m assuming is the explosive to blow up the dam. They sure start ’em young. The two other images, of beardo-Sarsgaard and the whole gang taking a scenic boat ride across a lake, are somewhat striking in their normalcy. These three don’t look particularly menacing, nor do they look like anyone you would describe as radical; they’re just three schlubby campers on their way to casually screw the system.

Night Moves is in theaters September 20th.