‘CZ12’ Trailer: Jackie Chan, the Alphabet, and Extreme Full-Body Rollerblading

By  · Published on October 1st, 2013

CZ12, Jackie Chan’s latest attempt to prove (a la The Expendables) that men in their late fifties should still be getting punched in the face on-camera, was already released last year in Asia. But on October 18, the film will be heading into theaters stateside, and to celebrate, a brand-new English language trailer has just been released. Although calling it an “English language” trailer is a bit of a stretch when most of the dialogue is still in Mandarin. But the title cards are in English, and more importantly, there’s a scene where Chan spells out the word “scumbag,” proving once and for all that CZ12 will feature words composed from the English alphabet.

At first, it seems like the rest of the trailer will be made up entirely of Chan spelling out (in perfect timing with the music, of course) all sorts of words that might be tangentially related to the film. But his Speak & Spell antics are cut short to make room for an extended sequence where Chan straps on a full-body rollerblading suit and maneuvers through an otherwise non-ridiculous car chase. Officially referred to as “body blading” (although Wikipedia tells me that “buggy rollin’” is also acceptable – and far more hilarious), it’s an extreme sport that’s actually practiced by real people and makes Jackie Chan resemble the love child of Robocop and an RC car. That alone makes CZ12 a must-watch.

Check out the trailer below.