Could Ron Burgundy Oversaturation Jeopardize the Legend?

By  · Published on November 11th, 2013

Just in case you haven’t heard, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is storming into theaters this December and bringing the Channel 4 News Team back into our lives. With the announcement of the sequel to 2004’s beloved Anchorman came a slow but steady progession of trailers and fun marketing tactics that only amplified the excitement surrounding another round of Ron Burgundy.

First came Will Ferrell visiting the set of Conan in character as Ron Burgundy in March to play a little jazz flute and announce the sequel. Clearly, it was delightful and people flipped their lids when they spotted that finely-crafted red suit hit the stage. In the months since March, the buzz grew with several trailers and the usual release of stills and one-sheets. But then came the constant in-character promotions and endorsements. Have we reached peak Burgundy saturation?

Flip on the TV, and you’ve got San Diego’s number one newsman pitching you a Dodge Durango. In not just one spot either – Dodge has rolled out several commercials featuring Burgundy trapped in that glittery showroom, attempting to explain a modern-day car to the fine people at home. On the 19th, Burgundy himself will be releasing a memoir for inquiring minds to devour in their apartments smelling of rich mahogany, detailing his rise to fame in broadcast journalism and his personal life as the 70’s most infamous ladies man.

Cornering the food market is the film’s Ben & Jerry’s product tie-in, Ron Burgundy’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch, which while devoid of actual alcohol, sounds like a pretty delicious marketing technique. But moving on. During last night’s MTV EMA awards in Amsterdam, Burgundy acted as a special correspondent of sorts, taking a three-person bike ride with Daft Punk, touring the red-light district (which he insisted on calling the Burgundy district) and presenting an award to Eminem.

It was decidedly unfunny and forced, especially when you get to the bit where Burgundy and Eminem trade off “I love lamp” and “I love award.” It’s just odd how much they’re hyping this movie when there’s no need to do so in the first place; if the studio announced that Anchorman 2 was coming back a week before it hit theaters, there would still be fanfare and lines out the door. That’s how much these characters and the original movie are beloved. Why the desperation to push all Burgundy, all the time?

It’s certainly fun to once again live in a world where Ron Burgundy is at the forefront of our national conversations, after there was a time when an Anchorman sequel was thought to not even be happening. What a terrible time to live. But now that we’re rounding the corner to the homestretch before the movie premieres, is the oversaturation just going to get worse? It’s possible that we may be approaching an even worse time: when people get sick of Ron Burgundy. Up next is another in-character appearance on Conan November 20th. Let’s see how it compares to the EMAs correspondence.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is in theaters December 20th.