Comic-Con 2012: ‘Breaking Bad’ Finds Gold in the Streets With An Awesome Final Trailer

By  · Published on July 15th, 2012

One of the areas that has absolutely blown up at Comic-Con – as evidence by the filling it did in last night’s Comic-Con News After Dark segment – is the world of television. With shows crossing into the fan bases of film and comics more and more, there’s plenty of demand for the small screen on the big stage in San Diego. One such show that found a great response was Breaking Bad, which just so happens to be premiering its fifth season on the final night of Comic-Con 2012. With the appearance of creator Vince Gilligan and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul at the Con, there come several choice quotes about what we can expect in season five as well as a spine-tinglingly good final trailer for all to watch and enjoy.

“Walt is kind of the anti-MacGyver,” explained Gilligan to the folks at io9. “You will see a couple more of these moments later this season. Those are fun to come up with. I am no chemist or scientist, but I have a layperson’s love for science.”

At Friday’s panel, Gilligan put it plainly: “We’ve got a new king.”

And that new king has an exciting road ahead, as Eric Walkuski at JoBlo explains: “The tone of the series: Aaron Paul used the words creepy, unsettling and eerie. Apparently it’s funny too; both Gilligan and Cranston said that the first episode is one of the series’ funniest episodes, but the season on the whole has a strange, dark sense of humor (it wasn’t originally intended that way, but it’s how it worked out).” And don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of German influence on this season, with at least one episode being planned for a trip to Germany. Because there must be a new antagonist for Walt and Jesse. Otherwise they’ll turn on each other. Wait, who are we kidding? They’ll probably do that, anyway.

For more, check out Walkuski’s recap of the panel at JoBlo. For the extreme excitement that only a well-assembled promo reel can deliver, check out the final trailer for Breaking Bad season five:

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