Circle Through Every Stage of Grief in the Trailer for ‘Morning’

By  · Published on September 9th, 2013

While the Toronto International Film Festival continues to march on for another magical week of premieres and reviews (seriously, check out all the reviews we have coming out of Toronto), the rest of us at home can revel in the fun with some new trailers that are continuing to be released.

Take Morning, for instance, the directorial debut of actor Leland Orser (Taken, Se7en), which he reworked from a short he previously directed (and wrote) of the same name. The story of a middle-aged couple named Mark and Alice Munroe (Orser and his real-life wife Jeanne Tripplehorn), whose child dies accidentally, Morning follows their unfathomable and insane grief as they try to cope with what they’ve lost. It seems that others in the film (like grief counselor Laura Linney and Kyle Chandler) don’t quite understand why the Munroes are acting strangly – Orser sitting in the empty pool in his underwear being guarded by the umbrella-toting grandma is a great shot – but they’re going to do their best to try.

Check out the trailer for yourself here:

It looks like a powerful, overwhelmingly bleak film that will likely strike a chord with anyone who has experienced this kind of trauma. There’s something to be said about the title as well. Morning could very much be replaced with Mourning, but my theory is that it’s an intentional play on words about the final stage of grief – acceptance. Please contact Leland Orser on my behalf.

I just wish the trailer could have done without the cheesy Vanessa Carlton song blaring over the emotional outpouring. Please ask him about this as well.