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Prepare for the Coming of Cinepocalypse 2019

Where else can you find Joel Schumacher, GWAR, and the director’s cut of ‘Hot Dog: The Movie’ in one place?
Cinepocalypse Poster
By  · Published on June 10th, 2019

The more genre film festivals the better is my motto, well one of them anyway, and the newest one promising to delight fans of weird cinema is Chicago’s Cinepocalypse. This is year three for the fest, and they’re once again delivering a schedule filled with new movies, fantastic guests, and some crazy events. One of the films playing the fest is The Lodge which is currently the best horror movie of the year — a position it’s held since its Sundance premiere in January. It’s not the only thing to be excited about at this year’s fest, though, as the highlights are varied, exciting, and even a little unexpected.

The fest opens with the directorial debut of Danzig front-man Glenn Danzig, an anthology film called Verotika, and while the plot specifics are unknown the soundtrack featuring new Danzig tunes should be more than enough to excite fans. A trio of new female-directed horror films will be playing including Chelsea Stardust’s Satanic Panic, Gigi Saul Guerrero’s Culture Shock, and Polly McIntosh’s Darlin’. In the special guest department, Joel Schumacher will be on hand presenting screenings of Falling Down (1993) on 35mm and Flatliners (1990) on 70mm, and Michael Ironside will be accepting an achievement award paired with a 70mm presentation of Total Recall (1990). Other happenings of note include an appearance by GWAR, the premiere of a never-before-seen gore-cut of Tammy and the T-Rex (1994), and an R-rated Child’s Play-themed speakeasy. Chicago’s about to get nutty y’all.

Keep reading for a look at the complete lineup, and check out the fest’s site for details on everything happening at this year’s Cinepocalypse at the Music Box Theatre running June 13th to the 20th.

Red Dots


dir. Talal Selhami
Morocco, North American Premiere

Four childhood friends are reunited when one of them re-surfaces after 20 years, forcing them to confront a creature straight out of a spine-chilling Moroccan legend.

Attack of the Demons

dir. Eric Power
USA, World Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

Three friends must use every skill their minds can fathom to stave off a legion of mutating demons overtaking their community. Move over SOUTH PARK, this gore-soaked film is done entirely in hand cut-paper animation.



dir. Emilio Portes
Mexico, North American Premiere

After losing his family in a most horrific way, a special border agent must investigate a series of deaths involving young children, possession, and an ancient demon named Belzebuth.


dir. Joe Begos
USA, Midwest Premiere

A brilliant macabre painter facing the worst creative block of her life turns to every vice she can to complete her masterpiece, spiraling into a hallucinatory hellscape of drugs, sex, and a whole lotta murder.

Hulu’s Into The Dark: Culture Shock

dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero
USA, Special Presentation – Filmmaker in attendance!

This thriller follows a young woman in pursuit of the American Dream, who crosses illegally into the United States, only to find herself in an American nightmare.


dir. Pollyanna McIntosh
USA, Midwest Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

A direct sequel to 2011’s cult classic THE WOMAN, star Pollyanna McIntosh takes over the director’s chair in this coming-of-age shocker with a horror-tinged twist.



dir. Caryn Waechter
USA, World Premiere

The horrors and isolation of being a social media influencer run rampant in DEADCON, when a collection of Youtube and Instagram stars soon discover there are things scarier than thousands of teenagers armed with phones asking for selfies.

Falling Down

dir. Joel Schumacher
USA, Retrospective – Filmmaker in attendance!

An unemployed defense worker, frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society, begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them. Presented in 35mm.


dir. Joel Schumacher
USA, Retrospective – Filmmaker in attendance!

Five medical students experiment with “near-death” experiences until the dark consequences of past tragedies begin to jeopardize their lives. Presented in 70mm

Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary

dir. Fabrício Bittar
Brazil, North American Premiere

In this horror-comedy bloodbath, four Youtubers with expertise in supernatural events seek recognition from their viewers while solving the urban legend of Bloody Mary. Prepare yourselves for gut-busting hilarity and gore-soaked chaos.


GWAR Showcase

USA, Special screening – Guests in attendance!

A retrospective of GWAR’s blood-splattered iconic heavy metal career, including the Grammy-nominated PHALLUS IN WONDERLAND, followed by a Q&A!

Hot Dog… The Movie

dir. Peter Markle
USA, 35th Anniversary 4K Producer’s Cut Restoration World Premiere

Kindred Spirits

dir. Lucky McKee
USA, World Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

In the latest twisted work from the director of MAY and THE WOMAN, stars Thora Birch, Macon Blair, and Caitlin Stasey shine in this unapologetically dark thriller about a deeply disturbed young woman with a sinister agenda.

The Lodge

dirs. Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala
UK/U.S.A, Midwest Premiere

In this psychologically unsettling slow-burn, a young woman and her soon-to-be new stepchildren find themselves snowed in at a remote winter cabin. Of course, strange and frightening events take place concluding in a final act that will leave you shaken.

The Lurker

dir. Eric Liberacki
USA, World Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

A group of high school theatre students (led by Scout Taylor-Compton), celebrate their final performance of Romeo & Juliet by dying at the hands of a savage killer, in this Chicago-set slasher that gives new meaning to the expression “the show must go on!”


dir. Lucas Heyne
USA, Midwest Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

The tragic and very icky true story of two best friends and low-end Mopes (slang for wannabe porn stars) who sought fame but gained infamy in a 2010 murder at a San Fernando valley porn company’s warehouse.

The Mute

The Mute

dir. Bartosz Konopka
Poland, North American Premiere

Two knights set off to christen a small pagan village hidden deep within the mountains, using vile methods to take control of the foreigners’ minds and souls. THE MUTE is a spectacle made of visuals and atmosphere combined to create a thrilling, savage and mystical epic.

Punta Muerto (Dead End)

dir. Daniel de la Vega
Argentina, North American Premiere

A mystery writer is suspected of murder when a colleague turns up dead in the exact way that is laid out in his latest, highly praised book. To prove his innocence, he must find the real killer, in this stunning B&W throwback to ’40s mysteries and film noir.

Rock N’ Roll Nightmare

dir. John Fasano
Canada, Special live movie riff event with members of GWAR

At a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, a hopeful hair-metal band seeking inspiration to record their new LP will soon find themselves in a furious confrontation with the Prince of Darkness himself, as well as GWAR!

Satanic Panic

dir. Chelsea Stardust
USA, Midwest Premiere

A pizza delivery girl at the end of her financial rope has to fight for her life – and her tips – when her last order of the night turns out to be to a group of high-society Satanists in need of a virgin sacrifice.

The Swerve

dir. Dean Kapsalis
USA, World Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

Holly seems to have it all, but there are troubling signs that all is not right as her life begins to spiral out of control. Both a stellar portrait of depression and a horrific drama, this haunting update on a classic tragedy comes from a new writer/director raised on the films of Bergman, Polanski, and Hitchcock.

Tammy And The Trex

Tammy & the T-Rex

dir. Stewart Raffill
USA, Original R-rated ‘Gore-Cut’ 35mm World Premiere

From the director of MAC AND ME, comes a love story like no other. Starring Denise Richards and the late great Paul Walker. Oh, and of course a T-Rex.

Total Recall

dir. Paul Verhoeven
USA, Retrospective – Film Guest in attendance!

Presented in 70mm.

“See you at the party Richter”. Villain extraordinaire Michael Ironside in attendance for one of the greatest sci-fi action films of all time! From filmmaker Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnold Schwarzenneger. You know this one!


dir. Glenn Danzig
USA, World Premiere – Filmmaker in attendance!

Featuring a plot shrouded in secrecy, a soundtrack composed entirely of new Danzig music, and based on the output of his long-running, mature comic book publishing company Verotik—a compound of “violence” and “erotic”—this feature film anthology is Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut!


dirs. Dan Berk & Robert Olsen
USA, Midwest Premiere

When a pair of painfully amateurish criminals break into a suburban home, they stumble upon a dark secret in the basement that two sadistic homeowners will do anything to keep from getting out in this black-comic thriller.

Why Don’t You Just Die

dir. Kirill Sokolov
Russia, Midwest Premiere – Presented by L’Étrange Festival

A detective brings together a terrible group of people in his apartment, each one of whom has a reason to want revenge. With plenty of dark Russian humor, this rip-roaring rampage of violence and gore plays more as an evil Looney Tunes than your basic gross-out experience. Presented by L’Etrange Festival in Paris.

Red Dots

Cinepocalypse 2019 runs June 13th to 20th.

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