Chug: ‘Conan’ Gets Drunk with Topless Barbariennes

By  · Published on August 31st, 2010

Movie lovers wanting to violently tear out their hair whenever an adult property is watered-down for the PG-13 cash will find themselves rejoicing next to the bearded miscreants who love drinking 60 Minute IPA from a giant novelty beer stein.

That’s because FSR is organizing a march on Washington, DC to take back Hollywood from infantilizing films that should be sexed up instead of sexed down. Why are we doing it it Washington, DC instead of Hollywood? Ask the intern who bought the plane tickets.

If these photos of the set of Conan are to be believed, we’ll also be inviting the fans of the upper half of the nude female form.

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The photos are censored due to the last lawsuit we got, but you can check out the not-sullied-by-black-bar images at the official blog of the film.

It all looks like barbaric fun, but it’s doubtful that the film can even scrape the surface of where Robert E. Howard took the novels.

However, on a cultural correction note, those women wouldn’t normally be topless. It’s a well known historical fact that all of their bras were at the dry cleaners that evening.

What do you think? Looking good? Happy that it’s not for children?

Source: In a rare treat, JoBlo wrote about boobs.

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