Christopher Eccleston To Be Accursed As The Villain of ‘Thor 2’

By  · Published on August 2nd, 2012

According to Deadline Hollywood, the formidable Christopher Eccleston has signed on to play the main villain in Thor: The Dark World.

He’s an excellent addition, bringing a severe acting talent and genre experience to the Marvel universe as Malekith The Accursed. The character is a major villain in the Asgardian realm who is not above deception (which might echo Loki). In fact, it’ll be interesting to see where Loki is during this sequel considering his involvement in the larger film universe. Or at least how he will fit in with a new villain taking the larger spotlight. In the comics, Loki and Malekith have worked together on more than one occasion.

Hopefully they won’t change the design at all. Eccleston with purple and black half-face and giant gray hair? Genius. It’ll make up for him having to say that horrendous, “It never rains but it pours,” pun line in Gone in 60 Seconds.

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