Chris Evans to Make Directorial Debut With ‘1:30 Train’

By  · Published on August 2nd, 2013


Before heading back to the ol’ Joss Whedon factory, Chris Evans is taking a little detour and trying his hand at directing. He is set to step back into his red, white and blues for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but first Evans will be helming a romance called 1:30 Train this fall, according to Deadline.

The Ronald Bass-scripted romance is Evans’ directorial debut. He’ll also star in the film, described as being in the same vein as Before Sunrise, about two strangers who meet up in Manhattan and wind up spending the night together as their personal problems become a reason for getting to know each other and themselves.

Sounds… kind of generic, but Bass has a varied and successful resume that includes Rain Man, Entrapment and What Dreams May Come, so this could be an interesting flick. Plus, Evans has been attached to the project for quite some time under a different director and took over when that person dropped out, so he clearly sees something fantastic that the small synopsis isn’t offering up.

And hey, he can always pick up his star-spangled shield and start fighting bad guys again if it doesn’t work out.


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