‘Chick Magnet’ Trailer Features a Shirt That Will Make Women Want to Rape You

By  · Published on August 31st, 2011

What if there were a shirt that would drive women around you into an uncontrollable sexual stupor? That’s the central conceit behind Chick Magnet, and of course the second big question is how to explain to her why you want to keep your shirt on during sex.

The trailer for the low budget sex comedy definitely shows its limitations, but there’s at least a little bit to chuckle at here and a heart that will inevitably be involved (since one of the characters wants to use the shirt to get his crappy ex-wife back).

Plus, somehow the production tricked Tracy Morgan, Kristen Bell and Rosario Dawson into making appearances as themselves. For those keeping score, an unknown writer/director and writer/producer (named Ryan R. Williams and Jeff Venables) created a movie where every woman wants to sex them up, and they somehow convinced Bell and Dawson to be two of those women.

So, yeah, check it out:

There’s a cheapness to the whole thing, but maybe that’s to be expected with something this low budget. Not everyone can make the dollars stretch.

Back in middle school, my friends and I used to joke around about making movies in order to get girls to kiss us. I’m not sure what the difference is here, but maybe someone can explain it to me.

Are we sure this isn’t another entry in the American Pie direct-to-DVD empire?

What say you?

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