Chaka Like Directing, Chaka Direct SNL ‘MacGruber’ Movie

By  · Published on July 7th, 2009

Unless I was reading my morning edition of Production Weekly incorrectly – something I never do – it seems as though the nearly-unable-to-speak, man/ape/creature Chaka from Land of the Lost is going to be directing the MacGruber film based off the SNL advertisements for Pepsi. Either that, or Jorma Taccone, the guy who played Chaka and is 1/3 of the Lonely Island crew, is going to direct. Still, it’s impressive that he went from humping Anna Friel’s leg to calling the shots.

As you may know, a lot of news outlets are incorrectly claiming that Taccone (who also happens to write for SNL) will be directing the adaptation of an SNL sketch for a film. Of course, it’s more accurate to say that he’s directing an adaptation of a Pepsi commercial.

It’s a Pepsi commercial that happens to be hilarious and feature SNL actors, but it’s still definitely a commercial.

You have to imagine that the people who came up with “Debbie Downer” are pissed that this low-rent, random, paid-for sketch is getting a feature film before they do. But everyone else should be excited because 1) It’s basically a huge parody of “MacGuyver” so there’s no doubt that there’s material for a full movie and b) Will Forte is a genius.

Filming starts next month in New Mexico.

What do you think?

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