Celebrating Greta Gerwig’s Creative Rise

By  · Published on September 21st, 2017

The phrase ‘indie darling’ shouldn’t apply to someone that should be everyone’s darling.

After a killer debut of her new movie Lady Bird at TIFF, Greta Gerwig is riding high as a filmmaker to watch. But wait, we already knew that, right? We at least knew what an inescapable presence she was on screen.

But more than that, it’s always been easy to see the creativity and filmmaking prowess Gerwig’s acting style exuded. There’s an awareness buried underneath her movements and delivery that sells it all so well without ever ringing false or phony.

Fandor’s video explaining Gerwig’s rise throughout her career is an eye-opening take on how people reroute themselves to eventually achieve their dreams. Acting, writing, and now directing, Gerwig is just getting started.

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