Casey Affleck to Star Alongside Casey Affleck in Cloning Drama ‘To Be Two’

By  · Published on August 23rd, 2013

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints proved the effectiveness of David Lowery and Casey Affleck; now it seems as though these two great tastes will taste great together once more in To Be Two. Based on a short story from Paul Broks’ “Into the Silent Lands: Travels in Neuropsychology.” To Be Two describes a future where teleportation is an everyday occurrence. To visit Mars, just step into a teleporter; a perfect clone appears on Mars while the original copy is instantly, painlessly vaporized. Of course, the teleporter malfunctions and two Casey Afflecks are now on the loose, with the government hunting them down to correct such a grievous mistake.

The Hollywood Reporter (who broke the story), compared the idea to Looper– two alternate versions of the same guy both trying to get the jump on the other. But to me, To Be Two sounds far more like Moon, something slower and more contemplative, with an emphasis on hard sci-fi rather than running and gunning. Judging by the strength of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Lowery won’t be likely to copy either film outright.

And To Be Two should at least provide for some captivating dinner conversation at the Affleck household. The younger brother can discuss the details of his latest sci-fi outing, while the older Affleck darts from room to room, growling “I am the night.”