‘Captain Canuck’ Movie Wants Less Canuck, More Bieber

By  · Published on January 26th, 2011

‘Captain Canuck’ Movie Wants Less Canuck, More Bieber

We reported yesterday that a Captain Canuck movie might be in the works (according to the creator), and it might ring in for a $15 million budget. Now, the story gets weirder as Richard Comely (said creator) claims that he might change the title for its US release out of fear that Americans won’t want to go see a movie about a Canadian superhero.

And you thought female superheroes had it bad.

The Hollywood Reporter is right to point out that some overseas markets will change Captain America: The First Avenger to simply The First Avenger, which is fair.

This is a similar case, if the movie ever actually gets made. Also if it does, Comely wants to write in a part for Justin Bieber to capitalize on his Canadian-ness and his super stardom. Maybe he can play Bucky. I’m sure Captain America wouldn’t mind sharing with his Great White Northern counterpart. Our countries have always had an open trade agreement.

This all comes with an entire rock of salt because the creator of a property slinging press about interest in his property is not the most reliable source for forthcoming productions. This, especially with the Bieber comment reeks of that sort of unreliability.

Still, the question remains. If it gets made, would you avoid seeing Captain Canuck because he’s Canadian or because you have no idea who he is?

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