‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ May Feature Some Grillo

By  · Published on October 24th, 2012

‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ May Feature Some Grillo

If you have to top Hugo Weaving’s fun turn as Red Skull, hiring a reliable actor like Frank Grillo isn’t such a bad idea. Rumors are Captain America: Winter Soldier is in search for an actor to play Crossbones, who is a powerless, skillfully violent soldier. He also happens to have crossed paths with previous Cap baddie in the comics, Red Skull. Although we may see Crossbones in the sequel, we may not see Weaving’s Red Skull in Winter Soldier.

At the Cloud Atlas press day Hugo Weaving – who’s terrific in the Wachowski and Tom Tykwer epic – didn’t sound very optimistic about returning as the sunburned villain, to put it kindly. Apparently his experience on Marvel’s best film wasn’t a pleasant experience for him. Sadly Weaving isn’t all that interested in having some campy fun as a performer anymore, which there is much to be had in the Cap universe Joe Johnston set up.

Adding a talent like Grillo is a promising direction to go in. The Grey actor has the proper chops and look to provide the intimidation factor as, so let’s hope this rumor, based on a deleted tweet made by Grillo and a confirmation made by IGN UK, is more serious than all the other Marvel casting news we hear every week.

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