Cannes Prognostications: What Might Play for the Palme d’Or

Cannes is just a few months away, and since we’re tired of caring about the Oscars, The Hollywood Reporter has released a list of possibles that’s too good not to dissect.
By  · Published on February 11th, 2009

I’ve tried for the past five minutes to make a pun conflating the words “Cannes” and “Prognostication.” Despite it seeming like they’d be a good match, it’s deceptively difficult. “Cannes-nostication” is the best I could come up with, and that’s terrible.

I also spent almost ten minutes trying to comb through this The Hollywood Reporter article on possible flicks hitting the South of France, but had trouble getting over the opening paragraph which reads:

As the industry prepares to say “auf wiedersehen” to Berlin, attention turns to who will be hearing the words: “Bienvenue a Cannes!”

I thought, “Seriously? You opened with that?” Then I re-read my first paragraph and rolled my eyes. Well played, Charles Masters of The Hollywood Reporter. Or should I say, “Touche!”

Basically, the article is thick and difficult to navigate so I’ve condensed it into this easy-to-read list because I’m thick and lazy.

Movies that are semi-hinted at by Cannes insiders that may or may not be lying about whether they’ll play at Cannes:

Yes, it’s long. Feel free to click on links (that I’ve painstakingly included) for more IMDB info on the films.

Also, keep in mind that these are just possible films – the real roster will depend heavily on whether some of them are finished in time, whether they impress the voting panel, and whether or not they’re directed by Gaspar Noe.

We’ll keep an eye on the tracking list and let you know how things are developing. Until then, we’ll be waiting until the line up is announced sometime before May 22nd. We hope.

What do you think? Any names or titles or concepts stand out?

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