‘Bullet To the Head’ Trailer Reveals Stallone Loves the 80s and 90s But Doesn’t Love Thomas Jane

By  · Published on August 17th, 2012

Sylvester Stallone hits the big screen this weekend with the sequel to his modest 2010 hit, The Expendables, but he’s not resting on those highfalutin laurels. The trailer has just dropped for his next movie, Bullet To the Head, and it looks as lazy as Stallone speaks.

The film is Walter Hill’s return to theaters after a ten year absence and follows a hit man (Stallone) and a cop (Sung Kang) who join forces to take down the barbarian (Jason Momoa) responsible for killing their respective partners. The goal appears to have been to make a far less funny 48 Hours, and they just may have succeeded. So yeah, they aimed for Another 48 Hours.

Check out the trailer below, and weep at its lack of ambition.

Could this have been made in the 90s? Yes. Is that a compliment? No.

It’s possible this just looks more underwhelming than it is because it follows the hugely enjoyable first trailer for a new movie from another one of his Expendables co-stars. Or maybe it’s karma after Thomas Jane was unceremoniously dropped from the production and replaced by Kang in an effort to appease the PC bean counters. Or maybe Hill, the man behind such entertaining classics as The Warriors, Brewster’s Millions, Southern Comfort and Streets of Fire, has simply lost his touch.

But who am I kidding. Did you see Sarah Shahi as Stallone’s daughter? I’ll be watching this opening night.

Bullet To the Head opens February 1st, 2013.

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