Brian K. Vaughan Leaves ‘Lost’ for Greener Pastures

By  · Published on July 6th, 2009

Any Lost fan – any true Lost fan, that is – can tell you almost exactly when comic book writer turned teleplay master Brian K. Vaughan entered the writing room on television’s most popular drama. It was somewhere in the middle of season three, when pop culture references and epic cliffhangers became the norm. There is no doubt that Vaughan – who has produced 16 episodes, co-produced 13 others, written 7 teleplays and served as Executive Story Editor on another 10 – has made his mark on the iconic Wednesday night staple. And now, according to Executive Producer Damon Lindelof, it appears as if Vaughan will exit the show prior to the start of its sixth and final season.

On the DocArzt & Friends Lost Podcast, Lindelof said that Vaughan “has left for greener pastures.” This, we can only assume, is to dedicate more time to the properties that he’s currently got churning at various studios around Hollywood. He has his own take on the legend of King Arthur, entitled Roundtable, in development at Dreamworks. Marvel is still working on getting his book Runaways to the big screen. Warner Bros. is holding onto, but obviously still interested in moving on his most famous comic, Y: The Last Man. And BenderSpink is still eyeing a big screen adaptation of his comic Ex Machina.

No matter the project – whether it is something he’s adapting from his work in comics or something original – it is safe to say that we’ll be keeping a close eye on where Vaughan goes next. I’m with many of my colleagues around the web, most of whom are convinced that Vaughan’s next project will be a big one – because who would just up and leave Lost in its final season without having something major lined up? It will also be interesting to see if the remaining team in the Lost writing room can keep pace with all of the great pop culture references (Hurley rewriting The Empire Strikes Back, etc) that were part of Vaughan’s contribution.

What do you think of Brian K. Vaughan leaving Lost? Where would you like to see him throw his effort next?

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