Bland ‘R.I.P.D.’ Poster Challenges Viewers To Guess Who’s Playing the Joe Piscopo Role

By  · Published on April 17th, 2013

One of this summer’s less-heralded comic adaptations is Universal’s supernaturally-tinged buddy cop flick R.I.P.D. starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. The latter plays a cop who’s gunned down in the line of duty but comes back to life and joins a very special police unit. The Rest In Peace Department is staffed with undead law enforcement tasked with capturing evil souls, and with their help he sets out to find those responsible for his murder.

If it sounds like a mash-up between Dead Heat and Men In Black it’s because it pretty much is a mash-up between Dead Heat and Men In Black.

The film is based on the Dark Horse comic series by Peter M. Lenkov and hits theaters July 19th.

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