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‘Black Panther’ Blu-ray Review: You’ll Want to Bring Wakanda Home, Forever

Can you fit an entire country on your Blu-ray shelf?
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By  · Published on May 7th, 2018

It’s not every day that the year’s biggest domestic box-office hit comes to home video, but this year that day is May 15th. Black Panther is 2018’s biggest hit (for now), and it’s also the highest-grossing entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (domestically, third-highest worldwide). More than a monster hit, though, the movie’s a pretty great piece of entertainment and one well worth owning.

As mentioned, the film lands on Blu-ray/DVD/4K UltraHD on May 15th, and thanks to a cousin who works in the Wakanda post office we’ve gotten our hands on an early copy for review.

Black Panther is as thrilling a watch at home as it is in theaters, and while the lows are still low — Wakanda is so advanced in every way but also they determine their king through one-on-one brawls that favor brawn over wisdom, compassion, and intelligence? — the bulk of the film is bursting with fresh character, personality, and excitement.

As has become the norm for Marvel’s Blu-ray releases, the Black Panther Blu-ray is packed with extras produced for home video… and we watched it all. Keep reading for a look at all of the featurettes, deleted scenes, and more that are coming your way next week.

Black Panther: Behind the Scenes

Black Panther is an MCU movie you’ll be watching more than once — meaning it’s closer to Thor: Ragnarok than Thor: The Dark World — so consider this Blu-ray a wise investment for your viewing future.

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