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‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Preview: What Can We Expect?

The Netflix show has revealed the episode titles, so it’s time to start speculating.
By  · Published on August 30th, 2017

The Netflix show has revealed the episode titles, so it’s time to start speculating.

The anthology series Black Mirror had a massively successful third season, especially thanks to fan favorite episode “San Junipero.” The popular episode was critically acclaimed, as well, and earned the show its first Emmy nominations. We’ve gone almost a year since that last season was released, though, and it’s time to look forward to what’s next.

The good news is Netflix has released a trailer revealing the titles of all six episodes of Season 4, previewing what new technological problems the show will be tackling. Black Mirror has previously featured alternative realities involving the rating of other humans, dead family members returning in the form of AI, and the idea of people powering their own world, all in a dark manner. It’s in the DNA of this show to try and predict the future, so let’s try to predict the future by guessing what these episodes will be about.



The first episode in the trailer shows a woman in a snowy mountain environment, then a woman looking at a computer monitor, then another looking out a window with flashing police sirens. This could be about tracking systems. So we have one woman who tries to go off the grid to avoid it and another woman got caught for some crime because of it. It’s unclear how the second woman shown plays into it, but there’s a chance she is being framed because of it, or a relative is in danger because of the system.


The second episode seems to suggest the death of handwritten materials. We see the use of a tablet by the mother of the young child and her urging her daughter to stop using a pencil. One notable point of this episode is its director, Jodie Foster, who recently helmed another project that takes a morbid look at society, Money Monster. Both take a realistic setting and use a fictional story to reflect the real struggles we see in our world.

“Hold the DJ”

The third episode has a romantic comedy vibe to it. There isn’t enough information to show the exact problem the show will be tackling, but it can be guessed, based on the romantic interaction of the two characters, that it’ll attack dating websites or apps. The only technological element shown is the couple hitting a white disk. This episode is a mystery for now, but more will be revealed when the show’s release date gets closer.

“USS Callister”

The easiest one to guess. The teaser shows what looks like a Star Trek tribute. We see a starship zooming through space, as well as a crew of both humans and aliens in colorful shirts. It’s likely that the technological beast they’ll be tackling is time travel. What we don’t know is if it will be in a historical perspective by traveling to the past or a scientific perspective by traveling into the future. But, based on the nature of Star Trek and previous Black Mirror episodes, it’s presumed to be the latter.


The fifth episode is already different from the other five because it’s in black and white. It feels like an old horror film from the clips, which fits into the idea that each episode of Black Mirror is unique from one another. This seems to have something to do with robots, based on the four-legged metal creature we see a glimpse of. And based on the actress screaming and running away from something, the episode will probably also have a horror vibe.

“Black Museum”

The main piece of technology featured in this final episode looks like an EEG. It may be a play on virtual reality, but it could also be something about mind control, too, as a person steps on a plug in one shot. That shot could be implying that these people need to be plugged in to the system to be controlled.

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