‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer: Just a Boy and His Adorable Robot

By  · Published on May 22nd, 2014

Walt Disney Studios

Here’s how this thing is going to go – even if you don’t know anything about Big Hero 6, you’re still going to see it. It’s a Marvel film (well, a Walt Disney Studios film about a Marvel Comics superhero team), and you love Marvel films. You love superheroes. You love superhero teams. But you might also be in the mood for something a little different. How does animation sound? Different, right? What about T.J. Miller voicing an unlikely hero? You love T.J. Miller! He’s on Silicon Valley, which you also love. What else do you love? How about unlikely heroes and robots and mayhem? See! You love that stuff, too!

You know what? You’re going to love Big Hero 6. So maybe it’s time to take a little look at what the Don Hall and Chris Williams film has in store for you (besides love). Check out the first trailer for Big Hero 6 after the break!

This is almost painfully cute, right?

Big Hero 6 will introduce moviegoers to boy wonder Hiro Hamada and his very own robot, the utterly adorable Baymax, along with the rest of the eponymous six – a wacky, offbeat group of crimefighters recruited by the government to do a little thing called protecting the nation. It’s serious business, you guys, and while we don’t see much crime-fighting in the first trailer, we suspect that will change with the next go round on the marketing machine.

This first trailer is more interested in introducing us to both Hiro and Baymax, who are probably not exactly what the other is expecting – which will likely lead to some pretty charming interactions. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch (tee hee) to assume that Hiro and Baymax will form the heart of the story, so starting off with the pair of them is a wise choice. I’m already seriously endeared to Baymax.

He’s a robot, but he looks like the Michelin Man, and he loves soccer. Adorable robots for everyone!

The film will also reportedly feature the voice talents of Maya Rudolph, Josh Hutcherson, Jamie Chung, Samuel L. Jackson and Freddie Highmore.

Big Hero 6 will open on November 7th.