‘Beyond Outrage’ Red Band Trailer: Drill, Baby, Drill

By  · Published on October 30th, 2013

For those familiar with Takeshi Kitano’s bloody, brutal Outrage, the notion of a sequel might be puzzling, as the original left only a few alive. But it turns out that not that many men are needed to cause chaos, as proven with the existence of the aptly-titled Beyond Outrage.

Detective Kataoka has pulled the Sanno and Hannabishi crime families back into a sprawling gang war that results in utter mayhem. When Otomo (who survived the first movie, good for him!) wants out, the consequences are enormous and the violence is amplified; watch out for that pesky power drill as a negotiation tactic. Though it seems odd to say when power tool torture was just mentioned, the trailer is laced with black humor and has its (uncomfortable) laughs.

Come on ‐ a mobster being killed by a pitching machine after someone quips that they should get together and play baseball is pretty funny. So is the notion of a member refusing to smoke because he wants to live a long and illustrious life. Dude. Check out the bloody trailer here:

Beyond Outrage is on VOD on November 28th and in theaters on January 4th. [The Playlist]