Bet Your Life On a New Twilight Zone-Like Anthology From The Bloody Cuts Team

By  · Published on February 16th, 2015

BC Horror

Bloody Cuts has terrified thousands of people, and they’re stepping up their game with an HD gloss on their new anthology series, The Outer Darkness. The horror short filmmakers are turning their focus to serialized storytelling.

“As Bloody Cuts developed, the one thing we regretted was not really tying up the series with an overarching narrative or at least a consistent world,” director/producer Ben Franklin says. “The great thing with The Outer Darkness is it gives us a chance to basically reset everything, and take all we learned through making our original series and apply it to something entirely new and fresh.”

This comes on the heels of fresh success for Black Mirror in the US, and the new Bloody Cuts project’s title definitely evokes another famous anthology series, but the the flavor is unique to their sensibilities. This isn’t Charlie Brooker’s pitch dark satirical humor or Leslie Stevens’ uncomfortable sci-fi imagination. It also doesn’t feel much like The ABCs of Death or V/H/S. If anything, it’s got a sense of refined grotesqueness, exploring the troubling aspects of humanity with fantastic, del Toro-esque makeup effects in tow.

You can watch the first installment for free on their YouTube channel (or right below this sentence).

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