The Best Shots of the ’90s: A Supercut

Fight Club Ending
By  · Published on September 27th, 2017

A decade of slacking created a lot of beauty.

A heavy dose of nostalgia can take films very far. Either through TV plays or DVD rentals (ok, I guess that translates to Netflix plays now), the films you grew up with have a special place in your heart.

In fact, these films are often so linked to a particular developmental phase in your art appreciation career that it’s hard to look past your first impressions. For me, this period is the 1990s. Thankfully editor Ignacio Montalvo created a beautiful supercut of the best shots of ‘90s films to jar me from my wistful complacency and to remind me that even the films I think of as “my childhood” often have striking images that, in some cases, had never had their like seen before.

If you’re like me, this is a video that’ll move and inspire you to rewatch movies you may have fond memories of but not much more.

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