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The Best ‘Letterkenny’ Episodes By Character

‘Letterkenny’ has invaded the United States and you need to be ready.
By  · Published on December 24th, 2018

One Great Episode For Your Supporting Favorites

For the rest of Letterkenny’s many memorable characters, I’d like to humbly offer up their one essential episode.

McMurray (“Bock et Biche”)


Played by Dan Petronijevic, McMurray is the fast-talking hick who works best in spurts. In the season 5 finale, “Bock et Biche,” McMurray accompanies the gang to a party in Quebec and spends most of it mean-mugging and drop-kicking French people. It’s a party.

Mrs. McMurray (“A Fuss at the Golf Course”)

Mrs Mcmurray

Elsewhere, she’s Wynona Earp, gunslinger and very serious badass. When she travels to Letterkenny, actress Melanie Scrofano is going hard in defense of Canada Gooses. There’s a special place in heaven for animal lovers and she’s here to tell ya.

Gae (“The Battle for Bonnie McMurray”)


Gae isn’t a character who is around for long, but it’s a great role for Sarah Gadon, who you may recognize from 2013’s Enemy or the upcoming season of True Detective. In this episode, Gae goes toe-to-toe in a rhetorical battle with Tanis. It’s one for the ages.

Rosie (“Finding Stormy a Stud”)

Rosie Optimize

Once you’ve seen this episode — the season two finale — you’ll never be able to see this GIF without hearing Milk & Bone’s “Pressure” in your head. Rosie (Clark Backo) gets the best character intro on the show and it’s not particularly close.

Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne (“Back to Back to Back”)

Women Hockey

Mary-Anne (Jess Salgueiro) and Betty-Anne (Kelly McCormack) are the show’s newest secret weapon, but it’s not-so-secret in this episode about their Letterkenny Shamrockettes women’s hockey team trying to win a third consecutive championship after a very challenging year of locker room drama. These ladies — sorry, women — can chirp and skate with the best of them. Here’s to their healthy return next season!

Dax and Ron (“We Don’t Fight at Weddings”)

Dax And Ron

One of Letterkenny’s three favorite hockey-playing duos finally ties the knot, bringing all the gangs to a gay wedding full of cidiots (idiots from the city) that ends with a perfect song-to-scene matching by what I’m sure is the multi-award winning music supervisor on this show. I’m not Googling it, I’m just going to assume they’re the Canadian Roger Deakins of music supervision.

Coach (“Letterkenny Spelling Bee”)


The local hockey coach, as played by Wayne’s favorite comedian Mark Forward, really goes off the deep end as he tries to rig the local adult spelling bee for Reilly and Jonesy, neither of whom can spell. It’s pretty embarrassing.

Shoresy (“Back to Back to Back”)


As much as we know about Shoresy, the champion chirper played (with his back to the audience) by Jared Keeso, there’s still so much we don’t know. We know that he skates like a weirdo. We know that eventually, we’re going to have to meet Reilly and Jonesy’s moms. And we know what Shoresy would say, but we’re not going to repeat it here.

Bonnie McMurray (“Uncle Eddie’s Trust”)

Bonnie Mcmurray

It’s hard not to see Bonnie, played by Kamilla Kowal, as a character who exists only to be the butt end of objectifying jokes. But the show plays around with those ideas in interesting ways, which makes her compelling. This episode represents the best of Kamilla Kowal being delightful in ways that aren’t limited to Bonnie trying to make moves on Wayne. Although, when you think about it, she’s doing a bit of that, too.

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