Best Laid Plans Go Hysterically Awry in ’Minor Setback’

By  · Published on March 3rd, 2017

Short of the Day

It was going to be such a nice day for Jessie and Angela…

All they wanted to do was go to the beach.

They got the day off work, saved just enough weed, and had everything all planned out to ensure the perfect afternoon of sun, surf, sand, snacks, and hopefully some dolphins.

But then they had a minor setback.

This is the very simple premise of the very, very funny film Minor Setback, written and directed by Augustine Frizzell. “They” are Jessie (Christina Burdett) and Angela (Ashley Beckel), two friends-roommates-waitresses who downed an entire bottle of Ipecac to get some time off, but despite their best intentions and owing to a bit of weak willpower, a bit of over-indulgence, and a bit of good old-fashioned shitty luck, these best laid plans get surprisingly and hilariously (for us, not them) thwarted.

Minor Setback had its world premiere at last year’s SXSW Festival, made the rounds at several others, and now has finally made its way online, meaning we can all enjoy the bawdy and raucous hi-jinks Frizzell and her cast have conjured. The script is popping with personality as are the two leads, whose chemistry is as intoxicating as the…well, maybe I’ll just let you see how things unfurl.

Take 10 minutes to treat yourself to Minor Setback, and be sure to hit Frizzell’s Vimeo page and check out another of her shorts, I Was a Teenage Girl. Then join me and doubtless countless others in hoping there’s a feature in her near future.

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