The Best Film-Ranking Video of 2017 is Here

By  · Published on December 4th, 2017

Our rankings may be correct, but this video is the real winner.

David Ehrlich (our friends at IndieWire’s senior film critic) makes an annual video ranking and mashing up the best films of the year. It’s always brilliant and it’s always an astounding reminder that video essay creation is as much an obsessive editing craft as a short film. Seeing enough movies to make a convincing, knowledgeable top 25 takes enough time as it is without digging through your favorites, slicing together their best bits, and syncing them to music. We have enough trouble picking the best movies as it is.

One of the most impressive things about Ehrlich’s countdown is that the ranking itself is almost superfluous to the final creation. You get lost in the music, lost in the beautiful cuts and imaginative juxtapositions. You jot down notes of movies to track down and songs to add to your workout playlist. Then it’s over and rather than exhausted (like Ehrlich’s hard drive, brain, and loved ones must be), the cinematic energy keeping all of us on websites like these is somehow recharged.

It’s better than many movies released this year, it’s funny in ways you might not expect (there’s always at least a few lyrical cues that get a giggle out of me), and it’s shorter than half an episode of Netflix TV. Put on some headphones and do yourself a favor. Watch the best film-ranking video of 2017.

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