The 25 Best Animated Series of the Decade

Find out where we rank ‘Rick and Morty,’ ‘Adventure Time,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ and more!
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By  · Published on December 8th, 2019

10. Mob Pyscho 100

Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho 100 is based on the manga by the artist known as One, who also created One-Punch Man. Like the main character of One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 also features an overpowered protagonist who gives off the funniest facial expressions. So what makes this rank so much higher and in the top 10 of animation series this decade? Well, to be blunt, Mob Psycho 101 is a better version of One-Punch Man, at least when you compare the two seasons. One-Punch Man had more of a cultural impact, but Mob Psycho 101 boasts a second season that improves on the first amazing season in every way possible. The series is a perfect balance of comedy, character development, and action that serves as a great recommendation to anyone on the fence about watching anime. (Carl Broughton)

9. Hunter x Hunter


Hunter x Hunter is technically a reboot of the 1990s anime series based on the manga of the same name. Considering that source material is one of the greatest shounen manga of all time, adapting it to animation automatically results in more greatness. Similar to other series on the list, Hunter x Hunter features great character development, story arcs that consist of no filler and calculated battle scenes so well thought out that a person would question how it was even possible to think of them. There are several scenes in this anime that will go down as some of the all-time greatest in the history of the form, particularly the scenes from the Chimera arc, but unfortunately, the manga, as well as in turn its adaptation, suffers from frequent hiatuses that leave fans wondering when the series will ever conclude. (Carl Broughton)

8. My Hero Academia


Often referred to as “the new generation of Shonen Jump,” My Hero Academia has managed to take the world by storm with its unique style, which features Western superhero influences. As the first breakout action series from the famed manga publisher since the end of Naruto, there’s a lot riding on the shoulders of hero trainee Deku and his supporting cast of quirky friends as they train to be superheroes. These beloved characters are brought to life by the unbelievably talented Studio Bones in eye-popping, comic-book saturated tones and slick animation. Uniquely, My Hero Academia is also the first major Shonen Jump anime of its style to be produced using a season-by-season format, which means stronger, more deliberate pacing and none of that frustrating filler that anime became known for in the 1990s and 2000s. The animation budget can be spread out to accommodate more quality work across the entirety of a season; and indeed, that’s what My Hero Academia’s first four seasons have shown off. Animation fans should be excited to see where this series goes in the coming decade. (Hans Qu)

7. Bob’s Burgers


Bob’s Burgers is the simplest animation on this list when it comes to plot structure and characters, but there is greatness in its simplicity. The story centers on a fry-cook named Bob, his family, and the customers who come into his titular restaurant. Bob’s Burgers isn’t about telling grand stories but rather a simple day-to-day story structure involving its characters. It is in these stories that Bob’s Burgers shows how each day can be an adventure despite our environment not changing. (Carl Broughton)

6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stands out for having one of the most unique art styles in anime. The rippling muscles, sculpted jawlines, and sharp outlines of its characters stand in stark contrast to the softer, more androgynous features of most anime protagonists. Spelled-out sound effects and a variety of clever screen-tone texture effects used in emotionally impactful moments emphasize the comic-book aesthetic even more and mimic the comic’s distinctly bold black-and-white look. The plot follows the multi-generational adventures of the Joestar family, whose names all happen to be able to abbreviate to “Jojo,” as they gather weird allies and confront even weirder villains through a variety of time periods and engage in dramatic monologues. Ultimately, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a delightful exploration of genre tropes and cliches that approaches every situation with burning enthusiasm. (Hans Qu)

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