Because You Asked For It: More ‘Street Fighter’ Movies

By  · Published on July 19th, 2010

The typical rule for a studio is that when a film bombs, it doesn’t get a sequel. Fortunately for everyone on the planet with eyeballs, Capcom is not a film studio, and they don’t have to play by the rules.

After the gut-wrenchingly bad showing that was The Legend of Chun Li, the fine folks over at Capcom have proclaimed that instead of lying back in the sweet arms of defeat, they’ll jump back up and start swinging again for everyone’s amusement.

Fingers crossed that they team up with Asylum.

According to (via Collider), their VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development used his lengthy title to explain that he’s fully aware that Chun Li sucked and that the company will “hopefully…get one right sometime in the future.”

The money quote here (after being asked about Chun Li’s epic failure):

“There’s a book to be written there. This is where I have to be careful. Let’s just say there were a lot of people with different ideas as to what was the best route to take with that movie. A path was chosen, a result was had. I think there are some learnings internally that we’ve taken away from that experience. I think you’ll see some clever live-action stuff that will excite our fans at some point in the future, based on Street Fighter. Let’s just say that the book is not yet done on Street Fighter film and video projects.

Bold. Inspiring. Learnings.

Here’s an idea: take a note from the Hollywood rulebook. Page 131, paragraph 5, Line 18 reads – Make a Generic Martial Arts Movie and Slap Your Brand Name On It.

Everyone else is doing it, and it would result in something at least resembling a movie. For those who have had the pleasure, Chun Li is probably the worst film in five years, but it’s so laughably bad that there’s a sweetness and innocence to it. I’d love to meet the sixth graders that made it to pat them on the head and encourage them to keep learning, stay in school, drink their milk at dinner, and listen to their mothers.

You can do it, guys! Just don’t think you’re filmmakers. Get someone to make a movie with a ton of fighting in it, slap your logo on the title sequence and, viola!, an honest-to-God Street Fighter movie. It was trying hard that got you in trouble in the first place.

Read the rest of the interview to find out why Capcom can continue to bankroll shitty movies without having their video game image hurt and where you can go to order your Street Fighter Snuggie.


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