Because You Asked For It: Brett Ratner for Milli Vanilli Project

So Universal wants to focus on Milli Vanilli instead of, say, actual musicians. Now let’s see if I can avoid making fun of Brett Ratner for an entire article. Spoiler Alert: I can’t.
By  · Published on April 22nd, 2009

Blame it on the rain. Or blame it on Universal. Either way, there’s at least some motion on creating a project focusing on Milli Vanilli, and Brett Ratner is in talks to direct.

I have no idea why anyone would care to make something about Mili Vanilli. Of course, it’s a fairly intriguing story considering that it ended in disgrace and an accidental overdose, but there’s going to be a lot of work to be done to get audiences to care all that much about a pair of non-musicians that made a whole hit two decades ago.

Who is the audience for this? Milli Vanilla has fewer fans today than New Kids on the Block. As I see it, there’s only two ways that this project could actually have any life to it:

1) If it was being made as a Vh1 Behind the Music entry or

B) If it came out that Brett Ratner was actually just pretending to direct, “air-directing” as it were, while a talented director shot the film uncredited from the shadows.

And you thought I wouldn’t make fun of Brett Ratner.

This news comes from our friends over at The Playlist, but I’m hoping that it’s just someone inventing things to torture me. Call me when someone is planning a Sam Cook biopic. There’s just no reason for this. Girl, you know it’s true. Girl, you know it’s…girl, you know it’s…girl you know it’s…

What do you think? Seriousy?

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