Because You Asked For It: A ‘Teen Wolf’ Remake

Is it just me or should they try to hire Michael J. Fox for the remake and turn it into Middle-Aged Wolf? Just me? Awesome.
By  · Published on June 19th, 2009

I realize that I quit just about every single week, but I thought I could go full on past Friday without threatening to turn in my two-minutes notice to FSR HQ for some delusional reason. But now, I know that’s just not possible. It’s just not alright for me to continue to write about movies when Warners is shopping around for writers to tackle a remake of Teen Wolf.

It’s not that I love the movie all that much or care that movies get remade in the first place. I’m sure the original will be on TBS once a month for the rest of my life anyway. Still, this is one of those moments where a man has to take a stand against mediocre movies getting made mediocratically again. A time when truth and justice must prevail over the malfeasance of a bitter world. A time when lines are drawn in the sand, blood is spilled, and only one man can stand on the hilltop as the sun comes up at the dawn of a new era.

But enough of that nonsense.

Apparently, according to Moviehole, Warners is trying to find writers for the property which they bought a few years ago but that they aren’t sure which direction to take the flick.

I know that recently it’s felt a lot like remake announcements have become some sort of cruel lottery (the one from the short story and film The Lottery, not, like, the one where you win a ton of money) where we wait and see which beloved film from our youth will have its number called next, but I urge you all out there to keep the faith.

Although that will be difficult considering the likelihood of me having to write a news post in the next day or so announcing that Warners has attached Zac Efron to the project. Did I say likelihood? I meant inevitability.

Thoughts? Concerns? Sighs of apathy?

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