Because You Asked For It: A Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots Movie

By  · Published on June 25th, 2010

You know that we’ve been pummeled into submission here in the movie news world when the announcement of Rock ’Em Sock ’Em: The Reckoning, the name I’ve made up for this movie, doesn’t even force and eyebrow into the upright and locked position. The constant stream of bad ideas coming out of Hollywood coupled with the lack of success this summer will most likely leave some non-creative, beyond the curve producers looking for work and stagger the system with whatever the next trend will be. That trend, friends, is toy robots fighting each other. According to Mattel.

Pajiba has a scoop on the possibility of Wolfgang Petersen directing a movie based on the plastic toy of note, but, fortunately or unfortunately, the plot seems more like The Iron Giant meets The Iron Giant.

Or, maybe more specifically, a robot that becomes partly human. Not partly Superman.


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