30 Beautiful Shots From The Movies and Shows of 2019 So Far

Please enjoy some of the finest cinematography of the year.
Beautiful Shots Midyear
By  · Published on June 30th, 2019

The year is far from over. That said, the midway point is a perfect time to look back at the months that have passed and do some reflecting. The world is far from a perfect place, but as always, movies, TV shows, and other video-based art have brought us joy. Needless to say, 2019 has contained its fair share of brilliance thus far. Of course, we’ve endured a few duds as well, but even some of those lesser works have featured moments of beauty that deserve some praise.

With this in mind, we’ve composed a list of shots that caught our eye these past few months. As is the case with all of these lists, we’ve opted for a variety pack. Some of these shots are included because they’re perfectly composed and technically brilliant. Others contain imagery that taps into our emotional core and makes us feel something. On the other hand, some of these shots are simple, fun, and nice to look at. There’s something for all tastes here.

This is not a definitive list as we’ll be uncovering shots we love from 2019 until the end of the year and beyond. By the end of December, we suspect that we’ll have been treated to even more visual splendor that deserves to be celebrated. Until then, though, here are some of the shots that have caught the eye.

Too Old to Die Young

Too Old To Die Young Pilot

Cinematography by Darius Khondji
Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn
From the episode “Volume One: The Devil”

Love, Death, and Robots

Love Death Robots The Witness

Directed by Alberto Mielgo
From the episode “The Witness”

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

The Man Who Killed Hitler

Cinematography by Alex Vendler
Directed by Robert D. Krzykowski

High Life

High Life

Cinematography by Yorick Le Saux, Tomasz Naumiuk
Directed by Claire Denis


The Kingdom

Shot and directed by Seong-hun Kim
From the episode “1.2”

Chernobyl (2019)


Cinematography by Jakob Ihre
Directed by Johan Renck
From the Episode: “Vichnaya Pamyat”

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