‘Banana Motherf*cker’ Trailer Proves There’s More to Fear From Bananas Than Just Hidden Tarantulas

By  · Published on November 21st, 2011

Some people think apples are the most maligned fruit simply because of the whole bible thing where one of their ilk (along with a woman) was responsible for cursing all of mankind. Others think it’s the unfortunately-named ugly fruit because they’re forced to live with the constant reminder of their homeliness on a daily basis. Still others claim it’s the tomato simply because no one even believes the damn thing is a fruit.

But none of those are correct. The most maligned fruit is clearly the banana.

Not only are bananas stripped and eaten thousands of times per day, but they’re also misused in other violent and sexual ways. Don’t pretend you’ve never imagined a banana was a gun before. Or taken advantage of its phallic shape by eating it in a seductive manner. Or stuck one in an orifice other than your mouth. And now there are even rumors that mankind is driving bananas extinct!

Well no more. Bananas are about to get their revenge on humanity. Check out the trailer for the new short film Banana Motherfucker below.

You know you want to watch this movie.

The tone is goofy, the gore is plentiful, and it has a definite Hobo With a Shotgun vibe to it. It’s a ton of fun, but unlike Hobo the subject matter may be a bit too slim to turn into a full feature. But hell, if Robert Rodriguez can make a movie out of Machete

Regardless of it’s feature adaptation potential, it’s clearly entertaining as hell. The short is the latest creation from a quartet of young filmmakers from Portugal who go by the name Clones. I’d like to see these folks get funded for an indie horror comedy along the lines of the recent Juan of the Dead from Cuba, so someone get on that stat. You can check out more of their work and eventually see the whole Banana Motherfucker short at the their website here.

Thanks to Twitch for the initial heads up on this trailer.

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