Award Winning Director Uwe Boll Calls ‘The Tree of Life’ a Piece of Poo

By  · Published on July 1st, 2011

God, you gotta love Uwe Boll. Whether or not you despise his films like most of the online community, the man isn’t afraid of making headlines. Now he’s delivered one of my favorite stories in recent memory: Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life is a “piece of shit” and Lars von Trier is “retarded.”

As one expects, Boll didn’t pull his punches when it came to discussing The Tree of Life, “I totally hated that movie because I feel as a filmmaker that besides the fact that Terrence Malick did some great visuals on some movies, also on The New World, like the opening of that movie was really good but then he completely lost it. I think Tree of Life is a piece of shit. I think Sean Penn is ridiculous in it, like walking around in the elevator,” and Boll really isn’t the first to take a jab at those Penn scenes, although he is the only person I know to equate Malick’s epic to feces.

The director also compared Malick to Lars von Trier who, funnily enough, he also dislikes and considers to be a ‘retard.’ “Same as Lars von Trier’s movies. I like Breaking the Waves. After that was all crap. The thing is he gets all the Hollywood stars, ‘Oh, I want to work with him’ and they don’t know what kind of retard he is. I think the same with Terrence Malick.”

Boll concluded with the belief that, “Terrence Malick is one of the overrated directors of all time.”

Uwe Boll has taken aim at the likes of Michael Bay and fellow popcorn filmmakers in the past, but I can’t wait to see the response he gets for taking a piss at Malick and Trier.

Lastly, the Alone in the Dark director called the generally liked The Adjustment Bureau a piece of shit as well. Are there any movies Boll doesn’t consider to be ‘pieces of shit’? We’ll never know.

I recommend checking out the full interview at Screen Junkies.

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