Jacob Trussell

Jacob Trussell is a writer based in New York City. His editorial work has been featured on the BBC, NPR, Rue Morgue Magazine, Film School Rejects, and One Perfect Shot. He's also the author of 'The Binge Watcher's Guide to The Twilight Zone' (Riverdale Avenue Books). He is available to host your next spooky public access show. Find him on Twitter here: @JE_TRUSSELL (He/Him)

Drop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘PEN15’

By Jacob Trussell 

Hulu’s new show painfully reminds us how awful our childhoods actually were.

Happy Death Day 2 U

Watch ‘Happy Death Day 2 U,’ Then Watch These Movies

By Jacob Trussell 

Here’s everything you need to see to deepen your appreciation for Christopher Landon’s genre mash up.

Blair Witch

‘The Blair Witch Project’ Premiered at Sundance 20 Years Ago

By Jacob Trussell 

A hit at Sundance, the film’s longevity is due in part to its stunning ingenuity.


The Oscars Still Don’t Give A F*ck About Horror

By Jacob Trussell 

This year’s Academy Award nominations are disappointing, but not surprising, for horror fans.


Every Episode Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Ranked

By Jacob Trussell 

After seven seasons it’s still one of the funniest, sweetest shows on television.


The Most Controversial Christmas Movie

By Jacob Trussell 

A look back on the legacy of ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night.’

First Man Practical Effects

Practical Effects Have a Solid Chance at the Oscars This Year

By Jacob Trussell 

Miniatures, puppetry, and in-camera effects could see revived recognition at the Academy Awards.

Sidney Lumet's Network

The Method of Sidney Lumet’s ‘Network’

By Jacob Trussell 

With ‘Network’ on Broadway with Bryan Cranston, in 2018, we looked at what made Sidney Lumet’s original film a masterclass in acting.

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Peter Jackson Interested In Revisiting “The Naughty Years”

By Jacob Trussell 

We’ve got some ideas if the Kiwi filmmaker really wants to return to his disgusting roots.