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Filmmaking Tips from the Marvel Directors

By Natalie Mokry 

We look at what it takes to become a member of the MCU directors club.

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How ‘Game of Thrones’ Entices Us with Words

By Natalie Mokry 

The most spectacle-heavy show on television may have something to say about the ways in which theater influences modern entertainment.

Jay Chandrasekhar

6 Filmmaking Tips From Jay Chandrasekhar

By Natalie Mokry 

The actor/director behind ‘Super Troopers’ gives his advice to those wanting to break into the industry.

Game Of Thrones Episodes Golden Crown

The Most Underrated Episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’

By Natalie Mokry 

The long night is here and revisiting some of lesser discussed episodes of  ‘Game of Thrones’ can be a good way to pass the time.

Girls Impact the World Film Festival Works to Make Change Globally, Giving Youth a Voice

By Natalie Mokry 

A non-profit hoping to give voices to student filmmakers is now making its mark on the world.

Mcdramp Ec

6 Filmmaking Tips from Brad Peyton

By Natalie Mokry 

The director of ‘San Andreas’ and ‘Rampage’ shares his advice on making it as a director.

John Krasinski filmmaking

6 Filmmaking Tips From John Krasinski

By Natalie Mokry 

The director of ‘A Quiet Place’ imparts his advice for making it as a filmmaker.

Lynn Shelton Humpday

6 Filmmaking Tips from Lynn Shelton

By Natalie Mokry 

The director of ‘Humpday’ and ‘Outside In’ shares her advice on making a career for yourself in the industry.

Luc Besson Making Lucy

6 Filmmaking Tips From Luc Besson

By Natalie Mokry 

The director of ‘Léon: The Professional’ and ‘The Fifth Element’ shares insight on making movies and keeping the dream alive.