Lisa Gullickson

Lisa Gullickson is a freelance writer and podcaster. When she's not clickety-clacking on Film School Rejects, you can find her talking comics and self-care on Comic Book Couples Counseling. Accepting words of affirmation on Twitter: @sidewalksiren (She/Her)
Paper Girls Interview

The Anti-Nostalgia of ‘Paper Girls’

By Lisa Gullickson 

We interview the cast and crew of Paper Girls and discuss how the series challenges cookie-cutter nostalgia entertainment.

Comic Con Musical Anatomy Of Superhero

Comic-Con Dissects the Musical Anatomy of a Superhero

By Lisa Gullickson 

We attended the 8th Annual Anatomy of a Super Hero Panel and uncovered the multiple pains and stresses facing many modern film composers.

Beyond Amazing Spider Man Comic Con Museum Spidey

The Comic-Con Museum Celebrates Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday

By Lisa Gullickson 

We wander through the Beyond Amazing Spider-Man exhibit, communing with the artifacts of Ditko, Romita, McFarlane, and Lee.