Jeremy Kirk

The Host

34 Things We Learned From ‘The Host’ Commentary

By Jeremy Kirk 

Ghostbusters Slimer

36 Things We Learned From the ‘Ghostbusters’ Commentary Track

By Jeremy Kirk 

Blair Witch Project

32 Things We Learned from ‘The Blair Witch Project’ Commentary

By Jeremy Kirk 

If you had to listen to one commentary track in the woods at night, it probably shouldn’t be this one.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Curse Of The Black Pearl

28 Things We Learned from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ Commentary

By Jeremy Kirk 

Remember when studios released big, fun adventure movies? Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp do.

Die Hard

31 Things We Learned from John McTiernan’s ‘Die Hard’ Commentary

By Jeremy Kirk 

‘Die Hard’ remains an all-time action classic. This commentary? Not so much.

The Thing

The 36 Things We Learned from John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ Commentary

By Jeremy Kirk 

Commentaries don’t get much better than this, folks.