Luke Hicks

Luke Hicks is a New York City film journalist by way of Austin, TX, and an arts enthusiast who earned his master's studying film philosophy and ethics at Duke. He thinks every occasion should include one of the following: whiskey, coffee, gin, tea, beer, or olives. Love or lambast him @lou_kicks.
Men In Black International

‘Men in Black: International’ Review: An Expensive and Disappointing Dad Joke

By Luke Hicks 

2019 continues its early summer movie slog with a listless fourth chapter in the MIB saga.

Cannes 2021 Lineup Breakdown

The Cannes 2019 Superlatives

By Luke Hicks 

The Cannes Awards need a creative spark. So we made up our own.

The Lighthouse

Pattinson and Dafoe Are Bewildering in ‘The Lighthouse’

By Luke Hicks 

Psychological horror in its finest, most mystical form.


‘Rocketman’ Review: Another Flashy Biopic Bore

By Luke Hicks 

Good songs don’t necessarily mean good biopics.

Parasite ending

‘Parasite’ Review: Bong Joon-ho’s Latest Is a Tragicomic Thrill Ride

By Luke Hicks 

The hijinks of ‘Home Alone’ meet the absurd comedic sensibilities of ‘Burn After Reading’ meets the dramatic commentary of ‘The Ice Storm.’

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Review

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Review: Tarantino Does Nostalgia

By Luke Hicks 

Get ready to relish in Tarantino’s fresh, nostalgic tone.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Review: This Is Céline Sciamma’s Masterpiece

By Luke Hicks 

A film that invades your mind, body, and soul as the 18th century hypnotizes you into a romantic trance like a sunset lullaby.

The Dead Dont Die

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Takes Jim Jarmusch’s Mythical Realism to Another Level

By Luke Hicks 

Dry genre comedy yields way to stark meta-commentary.

Cannes 2021 Lineup Breakdown

Cannes 2019: Portrait of a Festival on Fire

By Luke Hicks 

The flames are burning on all sides.