Luke Hicks

Luke Hicks is a New York City film journalist by way of Austin, TX, and an arts enthusiast who earned his master's studying film philosophy and ethics at Duke. He thinks every occasion should include one of the following: whiskey, coffee, gin, tea, beer, or olives. Love or lambast him @lou_kicks.

Viggo Mortensen Captures Poignant Character Study in Directorial Debut ‘Falling’

By Luke Hicks 

Who’d have thought Lance Henriksen would be Viggo Mortensen’s muse.

Zola — Still

Janicza Bravo Resurrects Viral Tweet Thread Through the Ever-Innovative ‘Zola’

By Luke Hicks 

An early frontrunner in the Sundance fold.

Lgbtq Movies

14 LGBTQ+ Movies to Watch For in 2020

By Luke Hicks 

From Pablo Larrain’s ‘Ema’ to Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Prom’ to Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Benedetta,’ 2020 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for LGBTQ cinema.


‘Cats’ Review: A Surprisingly Forgettable Bore

By Luke Hicks 

We won’t be talking about ‘Cats’ for much longer.

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Greta Gerwig’s Adaptation is as Irresistibly Charming as ‘Little Women’ Gets

By Luke Hicks 

The March sisters are as delightful as ever, if not somehow more so.

Decade Directors

Which Director Had The Best Decade?

By Luke Hicks 

16 directors, from provocateurs to experimentalists to horror masters to Paul Thomas Anderson.

Motherless Brooklyn

‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Review: Edward Norton’s Neo-noir Is Oddly Inert

By Luke Hicks 

Come for the nostalgia that stems from Edward Norton voiceovers, stay for the…actually, just buy the soundtrack.

Varda By Agnès

‘Varda by Agnès’ Is a Remarkably Transparent Farewell from One of Cinema’s Greatest Directors

By Luke Hicks 

Varda’s self-portrait takes us through her career and the full spectrum of human emotion.

The Irishman

‘The Irishman’ Review: Scorsese’s Saga Is Everything We Wanted and More

By Luke Hicks 

309 scenes, 117 locations, 108 days on set, 10+ years in the making, 3.5 hour runtime. Warning: there is not an intermission. This is not a drill.