Luke Hicks

Luke Hicks is a New York City film journalist by way of Austin, TX, and an arts enthusiast who earned his master's studying film philosophy and ethics at Duke. He thinks every occasion should include one of the following: whiskey, coffee, gin, tea, beer, or olives. Love or lambast him @lou_kicks.
Vod April

What’s New on VOD for April 2020

By Luke Hicks 

Life without movie theaters means an entertainment industry pining to give us even more options at home

Binge Header Bojack

‘BoJack Horseman’ Is One of Us

By Luke Hicks 

The perfect binge is like a life fully lived.

The Hunt

Is ‘The Hunt’ Effective Social Satire?

By Luke Hicks 

The film they imagined isn’t the film they ended up making.


The Wilderness of ‘Wendy’: A Conversation with Benh Zeitlin

By Luke Hicks 

“No one had ever made anything like this before…”

Annihilation Sci Fi

Making Something New: Tracing the Complex Brilliance of ‘Annihilation’

By Luke Hicks 

“We have many theories, few facts.” -Dr. Ventress


Imposter and ‘Possessor’: A Conversation with Brandon Cronenberg

By Luke Hicks 

Meet Brandon Cronenberg, the writer and director of the jarring, carnal meta-nightmare that gripped Sundance 2020

Minari — Still

‘Minari’ is a Rarified Expression of Realism in the Modern Blockbuster Era

By Luke Hicks 

Whether tragic or beautiful or merely mundane, every scene is bursting with beauty.


‘Shirley’ Completes The Elisabeth Moss Madness Trilogy

By Luke Hicks 

Elisabeth Moss as Shirley Jackson is the most insanely perfect of pairings.


Miranda July Extends Her Reign as Queen of Quirk with ‘Kajillionaire’

By Luke Hicks 

Few filmmakers take us further from stale storytelling while somehow remaining relatable.