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There Was More Moral Ambiguity to Explore For Cinemax’s ‘Quarry’

By Kieran Fisher 

The Cinemax series brought Max Allan Collins’ iconic pulpy crime institution to the screen in 2016, but viewers didn’t pay attention to its brilliance at the time.

Justice Never Boarded

‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: The Balance of Power Shifts In ‘Justice Never Boarded’

By Kieran Fisher 

Melanie reveals more of her humane side, but her efforts to do the right thing are compromised by a growing list of enemies who want to bring her down.

Con Air

The Soaring Highs of Airborne Action Movies

By Kieran Fisher 

Action movies that take place in the sky offer a unique kind of thrill, and it’s a niche blockbuster subgenre that deserves to be celebrated more often.


‘Duel’ Is David vs. Goliath on the Highway to Hell

By Kieran Fisher 

“A duel is about to begin between a man, a truck, and an open road. Where a simple battle of wits is now a matter of life and death.”


Guillermo del Toro Deserves to Make a ‘Frankenstein’ Movie

By Kieran Fisher 

The Universal Monsters will come back. When they do, Guillermo del Toto should get to be a part of that. Here’s why he’s perfect for ‘Frankenstein.’


The Real Story Behind ‘Hereditary’

By Kieran Fisher 

Let’s take a look at the occult history that inspired Ari Aster’s terrifying debut feature.


‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: The Intrigue Builds In “Without Their Maker”

By Kieran Fisher 

In this episode, a killer is caught and his co-conspirator is revealed. But injustice and inequality still reigns supreme on this train.


How ‘Hannibal’ Became An Immortal Show

By Kieran Fisher 

Plenty of shows have been canceled throughout the years, but Bryan Fuller’s cannibalistic treat has the most passionate and ravenous fans.

Snowpiercer S

‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: The Telling Revelations In ‘Access Is Power’

By Kieran Fisher 

The killer shows his face in this episode, but what is his real agenda and who is he working for? Let’s discuss the meaning behind all this madness.