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Pacific Rim Uprising Jaeger

Watch These Movies and Shows Before You See ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

By Kieran Fisher 

We recommend some movies and TV shows to get you in the mood for the long-awaited sequel.

Donald J Trump At Marriott Marquis Nyc September Th

Donald Trump’s Space Force Idea Is Dumb, Unless The Right Fictional Character Were Alive to Lead It

By Kieran Fisher 

If we could bring any one of these fictional space commanders to life, President Trump’s big dumb idea might be awesome.


18 Great Vigilante Movies

By Kieran Fisher 

“If the law won’t get them… we will!”


Coffy Talk: Celebrating the Legacy of Pam Grier

By Kieran Fisher 

“A chick with drive who don’t take no jive!”


20 Downer Love Stories To Put Your Valentine’s Day In Perspective

By Kieran Fisher 

Love will tear us apart.

The Unkindness

25 Great No-Budget Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

By Kieran Fisher 

Let’s explore the unknown corners of horror cinema.


Great Movies About Terrible Parents

By Kieran Fisher 

Not all parents are good. Let’s take a look at some of the worst. In Cinema.

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The Real Stories Behind ‘Frankenstein’

By Kieran Fisher 

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s influential novel, we take a look at the real-life scientists who tried to make the story a reality.

Battle Beyond

6 Little Movies That Ripped Off ‘Star Wars’

By Kieran Fisher 

The next best things to ‘Star Wars’ are movies that want to be ‘Star Wars.’