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Snowpiercer Daveed Diggs Jennifer Connelly

‘Snowpiercer’ Director James Hawes on Making the Series Unique

By Kieran Fisher 

We interview one of the directors of TNT’s ‘Snowpiercer’ series to discuss how the show differentiates itself from the 2013 movie.

Runaway Train

‘Runaway Train’ Is an Action Movie with Brains

By Kieran Fisher 

The Cannon Group’s train movie stays on track, which might surprise viewers who associate the studio with off the rails actioners.

Snowpiercer The Universe Is Indifferent

‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: ‘The Universe Is Indifferent’ Plants the Seeds for a Revolution

By Kieran Fisher 

Melanie will do anything to protect her regime, and that might be her downfall. Then again, her unsympathetic streak could save her.

Tv The Ghost Of Flight

‘The Ghost of Flight 401’ Never Takes Off

By Kieran Fisher 

“A true story that grounded an airline.”

Da Bloods Low Angle

The Real Story Behind ‘Da 5 Bloods’

By Kieran Fisher 

Let’s talk about the real-life Black soldiers who inspired Spike Lee’s Netflix joint about the Vietnam War.

Mad Max Ripoffs List

A Brief History of ‘Mad Max’ Ripoffs

By Kieran Fisher 

Battletrucks? Bikers? Barbarians? Cannibals? Car chases? You name it. These shameless copycats of George Miller’s iconic action franchise know what fans want to see.

Snowpiercer Trouble Comes Sideways

‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: Miles is the Key in ‘Trouble Comes Sideways’

By Kieran Fisher 

Layton’s child could be the catalyst to bigger and better things. If nothing else, Melanie will use him to keep the detective at bay.

Peninsula Trailer

The ‘Peninsula’ Trailer Dispels the Myth That Zombie Movies Are All the Same

By Kieran Fisher 

The ‘Train to Busan’ sequel isn’t interested in returning to familiar ground, but this franchise has always been about trying new things.

Berlin Job

Fans of Guy Ritchie’s Cockney Crime Capers Will Enjoy ‘Berlin Job’

By Kieran Fisher 

An all-star cast of British genre heavyweights does what they do best — swear, act tough, and deliver some solid entertainment about bad blokes getting up to no good.