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Ryan Gosling Drive Lowangle

How Netflix Hopes to Build a Franchise with ‘The Gray Man’

By Kieran Fisher 

The Russos are lining up an expensive espionage franchise over at Netflix, and it will star Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Lord Of Tears

‘Lord of Tears’ Is the Best Scottish Horror Movie You Haven’t Seen

By Kieran Fisher 

Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly’s debut under the Hex Studios umbrella is a feather in the cap for independent horror cinema.

Spirited Away Witch

The Folklore That Inspired Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’

By Kieran Fisher 

‘Spirited Away’ is rife with references to traditional Japanese folklore and belief systems. Let’s delve into the film’s fascinating mythology.

Freaks And Geeks Linda Cardellini

‘Freaks and Geeks’ May Have Been A Little Too Real

By Kieran Fisher 

The teen TV series continues to resonate with viewers, but the world wasn’t ready for the show when it originally hit the airwaves.

Rec Fire Station

Get Ready for a New Way to Experience ‘[REC]’

By Kieran Fisher 

4DX is perceived as a gimmick by some movie fans, but ‘[REC]’ lends itself to this type of immersive experience.

Snowpiercer S

‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: What the Finale’s Big Twist Means For Season 2

By Kieran Fisher 

Everyone knew Wilford would arrive eventually, but another twist sets up even more intriguing possibilities. Let’s delve into the Season 1 finale.

Tv Night Of Terror

A Wheelchair-Bound Teacher is Pursued by the Mob in ‘Night of Terror’

By Kieran Fisher 

“He’s out there… and she can’t get away.”

Hollywood Sign (Sean Pavone /

A Brief History of the Hollywood Sign

By Kieran Fisher 

Now entering its 97th year, the famous landmark has changed and evolved throughout the last century.

Snowpiercer Daveed Diggs

‘Snowpiercer’ Explained: ‘These Are His Revolutions’ Teases a Huge Arrival

By Kieran Fisher 

The eighth episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ reveals the truth behind what happened to the real Mr. Wilford. But there is another layer to this story that no one knows about.