Kieran Fisher

Kieran is a Contributor to the website you're currently reading. He also loves the movie Varsity Blues.
Double Impact

‘Double Impact’ Kicked Off the Evolution of Jean-Claude Van Damme

By Kieran Fisher 

While the film ultimately didn’t change people’s perception of the actor, it showed that there was more to him than martial arts.

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles

‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ is the Best Continuation of the First Two Movies

By Kieran Fisher 

The short-lived series brought a fresh vision to the franchise that also complemented its better movies. Let’s revisit Josh Friedman’s excellent show.


Christopher Walken Is an Action Hero in ‘McBain’

By Kieran Fisher 

This might not be the actor’s most well-known outing as a Vietnam veteran, but it’s easily the most entertaining.

The Fugitive True Story Harrison Ford

The Real Story That Inspired ‘The Fugitive’

By Kieran Fisher 

Unlike the movie, who the guilty party was in this scenario is still up for debate. Who really killed Marilyn Sheppard in 1954?

Spooky Ranch Sunset

‘My Wife and I Bought a Ranch’ Will Not Be Like Other Ghost Stories

By Kieran Fisher 

Netflix buying “My Wife and I Bought a Ranch” proves that it’s worth putting your work into the world. Someone big might take notice of it.

Legend of Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s Time to Add ‘The Legend of Conan’ to the List of “Old Man” Sequels

By Kieran Fisher 

Wolverine and Rambo have had their big farewell moments on the screen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous Cimmerian deserves one too.

Tv Baffled

Leonard Nimoy Races Cars and Investigates the Occult In ‘Baffled!’

By Kieran Fisher 

“Who dares walk the line between life and death?”

The Tick 2017

‘The Tick’ Never Could Catch a Break

By Kieran Fisher 

Despite always finding some loyal fans, Ben Edlund’s goofy crimefighter just can’t catch a break in the realm of live-action media.

Plan From Outer Space Flying Saucer

The Everlasting Power of ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’

By Kieran Fisher 

Some critics want you to think Ed Wood’s film is the worst ever made. But there are actually plenty of things to admire about the schlock classic.