Elazar Fine

Filmmaker and freelance critic. Member, Boston Online Film Critics Association. Find me on Twitter or at The Playlist. The best movie of 2017 was A GHOST STORY.
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On the Fakeness of ‘Disobedience’

By Elazar Fine 

How the Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz-led drama fails to pass its authenticity test.

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The Best Summer Movie Ever is ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

By Elazar Fine 

Perhaps the Best Summer Movie Ever is also the wettest, hottest, and most American. Paul Rudd probably thinks so.

Steven Soderbergh

Stop Calling Steven Soderbergh An Innovator and Learn to Love His Work

By Elazar Fine 

An argument for spending less time concerned with Steven Soderbergh’s innovation and more time appreciating the fact that he’s a damn good filmmaker.