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Writer for Film School Rejects. He currently lives in Virginia, where he is very proud of his three kids, wife, and projector. Co-Dork on the In The Mouth of Dorkness podcast.
Shape Of Water Movie Theater

Netflix Wants to Buy Movie Theaters

By William Dass 

A surprise move that could be ripe for success.

Avatar James Cameron

James Cameron Suggests His ‘Avatar’ Sequels Will Take Marvel to the Mattresses

By William Dass 

…is what the Oscar-winning director wanted for a headline.

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Emily Carmichael On Making Blockbusters That Matter

By William Dass 

We chat with the action-adventure writer/director about living the Hollywood dream with integrity.


“Gordon’s Alive!” And Other Tales from ‘Life After Flash’

By William Dass 

Life After Flash is the discovery of a massive community of fans, friends, and family united by their desire to see the real Flash Gordon, Sam Jones, find success in life and film. And it’s beautiful.

Spielberg And Raiders

Steven Spielberg Is Heading to the DCEU With ‘Blackhawk’

By William Dass 

A WWII ace fighter pilot focused comic book movie is a perfect fit for the director.

The Incredibles Mom's New Job

‘The Incredibles 2’ Trailer Breakdown

By William Dass 

The Return of Elastigirl sees the rise of Dad. But, will he be Incredible? Will she?

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Netflix Quits Cannes And Maybe That’s Okay

By William Dass 

“The festival has chosen to celebrate distribution rather than the art of cinema. We are 100% about the art of cinema.” – Netflix’s Ted Sarandos

Ready Player One Battle

Janusz Kaminski is Concerned About Digital Cinematography

By William Dass 

The ‘Ready Player One’ DP believes he lost his voice in the new movie’s visual effects. 

The Meyerowitz Stories New And Selected

Adam Sandler to Star in the Next Safdie Brothers Movie

By William Dass 

Maximum effort from Sandler will go a long way with the team that gave us Robert Pattinson’s finest performance in ‘Good Time.’